International Institute of Gestalt

IIG is a group of companies engaged in educational and training activities in the field of Gestalt therapy, united by common professional values and standards.

The main activities:
⁃ Professional development programs for practicing psychotherapists,
⁃ Additional education programs for students,
⁃ Basic training programs in Gestalt therapy

Our main legal entity is registered in Montenegro. Currently, we are in the process of obtaining a license for additional professional education.

Broad international cooperation is one of our key priorities.

The International Institute of Gestalt is a member of the International Association for the Advancement of Gestalt Therapy (IAAGT) and an associate member of the European Association for Gestalt Therapy (EAGT).

Our values


International team of professionals

We rely on a psychoanalytic approach and welcome the integration of different schools of psychotherapy. We create opportunities for representatives of all psychotherapy directions from different countries and cultures to participate in institute events.


Focus on broad international professional cooperation

We share the principles of the Strasbourg Declaration of the European Association for Psychotherapy of October 21, 1990, according to which psychotherapy is a free and independent profession. Independence, in our understanding, particularly means the absence of political engagement and the separation of personal political preferences from professional activities.


Professional platform where psychological, cultural, and philosophical perspectives meet.

We comply with and develop international training standards.


Simultaneity of past, present and future

We recognize psychotherapy as a phenomenon of contemporary culture. The specific activities of our institute include:

The study of the influence of the concept of time on the change in the quality of life;

Respect for the freedom of the psychotherapist to creatively integrate any humanities and natural science research into their practice;

Research on the complexity of mental processes in dynamic interaction between individuals and social systems.


Finding support in our origins while embracing the growth of branches aimed towards the future

We consider an extended course in the philosophy of great importance as the foundation of the psychotherapist training program.


Balance of creativity and order.

We acknowledge and observe ethical principles for individual relationships with students and institute instructors.


Modern online platform and traditional in-person education.

We invest our potential in the development of the online education system and integrate in-person forms of psychotherapist training into a holistic system.


Reliable partnership

We care about the establishment of private practice for institute graduates and assist them in organizing their work.